Hi, I'm Jacob 👋

Full Stack Software Engineer

5+ years of experience with both venture backed startups and public tech companies. Engineering behind Zoom's End-to-End Encrypted video calls. Product engineering at Keybase for delightful cryptography on desktop and mobile.

My focus in on engineering designing excellent user interfaces as well as implementing technical systems including cryptographic protocols and key exchange. I enjoy enabled powerful software through simple and elegant design.

I am an avid endurance athlete, cyclist, mountaineer, backpacker, and rock climber. Recently, I hiked 600 miles of The Pacific Crest Trail and bikepacked 1200 miles the Pacific Coast Highway of the United States.

Hire Me

I've built systems in Golang, Rust, React, TypeScript/JavaScript, NodeJS, HTML/CSS, Tailwind, and more! I can tackle systems engineering challenges from implementing high performance data structures to squeezing miliseconds out of web rendering.

Have a look at my LinkedIn and write me an email detailing your project's challenges. Let's work together!