Hi, I’m Jacob

Lights Off

I’m a Computer Science student at UC Davis (‘19).

Lover of pure functions.

Director of hackathons.



Cal Hacks 3.0 & 4.0 | Cal Hacks is the largest collegiate hackathon in the world, with over 2,000 attendees! Directing Cal Hacks is an amazing challenge that in involves feeding and transporting hundreds of hackers over the 36 hour event. At Cal Hacks I’ve directed the volunteer, mentor, and event logistics for 3.0 & 4.0.

Hack Davis 3.0 | Unlike other hackathons, Hack Davis is a hackathon for social good! We’ve grown from a humble 100 hackers to over 700 expected for 2018! Working with non-profits and other organizations to create a difference in society makes Hack Davis one of the most enjoyable hackathons for many students. Look for Hack Davis in January 2018!



Résumé - as of late 2017


Braintree | At Braintree I got to work on improving the merchant onboarding process into the APAC region. That meant working full-stack with micro services written in Ruby and Clojure in production. You can see the final version over here.

Tulip | Working at Tulip meant being a jack of all trades. Creating a real-time app platform for the manufacturing floor meant solving some capital H ‘Hard Problems’. Just to list a few:

It was a lot of fun to say the least :)


Commit Comment | If you’ve worked on a complicated commit and forgot all of the changes made, this tool of for you. Commit Comments lets you annotate your source code with // @commmit comments and it will generate a clean list of changes to each file when you commit. If you commit is successful, commit comments will clean your source code from the @commit messages.

Find Me Places

Email: [email protected]

Keybase: @jacobyoung

Github: @thebearjew

Twitter: @jryio

LinkedIn: @jryio