Hi, I'm Jacob

I am Software Engineer typically based in NYC, currently in Denver, CO, and presently attending The Recurse Center (RC) for a 12 week batch.

My focus is on building powerful user-first software. I am passionate about privacy, cryptography, user interface design, and art history.

Previously I worked on bringing End to End Encryption to Zoom video calls.

Before that I worked with the amazing Keybase team (acquired by Zoom), where we created a fully encrypted file system, chat, key infrastructure, and more!

My work consists of designing excellent user interfaces as well as implementing technical systems including cryptographic protocols and key exchange. Exposing complexity though simple design is my joy in Software Engineering.

I am an avid endurance athlete, cyclist, backpacker, and rock climber. Recently, I hiked 600 miles of The Pacific Crest Trail and bikepacked the pacific coast of the United States.